Talk - Action = Hippies

by Zero Cool

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released July 12, 2011



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Zero Cool Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Your Thick Head

The world is run by the name on your ass
Wardrobe determines social class
Gorgio Armani owns your soul
Keeping up with trends is all you know

The car you drive the clothes you wear
We’re all victims of the fashion state

Rejecting others that aren’t your kin
Classify others by their skin
If blue is your life mine is red
Get my ideas through your thick head

The way you vote the way you think
We’re all victims of the fascist state
Track Name: Hypo Demo Apa

What the fucks the score I cant keep up to date
Your story always changes your lies now have a face
The way we want to live seemed to pass you by
Minor becomes major when apathy resides

Hypocrisy Democracy Breeds Apathy

They make more than you and god gave them the right
To speak on your behalf and quell the masses fight
Educate the kids and they will have their say
You know they’re all religious we’ll bring them judgment day

Change is what you want but fear is all you get
You wanna lash in anger but you’re afraid of regret
The thing about a king you’ll never have your say
The future been decided the predetermined way
Track Name: Red Shovel Rocket

Gotta run gotta hide gotta get away
Gotta run gotta hide gotta get away

Smash the State abolish the system
Red shovel rocket come and take us away
Smash the State abolish the system
Red shovel rocket come and take us away
Track Name: Tolerance Lobotomy

How's that working out for you
Your tolerance lobotomy
Isolated Christian life
Fuck it all not for me
The shepherd watches over
He tells you where to go
This is the Christian voice
Tells you what you should know

Not for me not for me
Tolerance lobotomy

Wake up from your crusade
Your white parade of ignorance
Gay or straight who gives a shit
We’re all in this together now deal with it
He's different cuz hes black
She's different cuz shes brown
Your neo fascist mentality
You’re the ones to fucking blame
Track Name: I Shot Steven

Track Name: Blind Eye
Eyes closed while they steal our hard fought rights
When we turn a blind eye the government runs wild

Sleep sleep sleep
While our freedoms are striped away
Dream dream dream
When you wake up it’ll be ok

Conscious riots ring the bell
It's voter apathy in response to over whelming greed
The favorite corporation owns your country

Laws to hide behind protect their privacy
Profiling your mind to fight anarchy
Monitor all we do thought crime runs supreme
Corrupt legislation plows on through
Track Name: New Pop Sensation

You should feel like a pedophile
The way you fucked the kids
There's no future just a lot of fucking debt
Tax breaks are the same as sodomy
That means you fucked a lot of assholes in society

But political repetition
Is such a fucking bore
You’re not a politician
You’re just a corporate whore

Do more do less
You did your worst Kicking and screaming
Do more do less
Got a mind of my own and I'm screaming out
Fuck the rest

You should feel like a con artist
The way you pulled your scam
There’s no thought of a future in you plan
Tax breaks are just a lobotomy
You fucked a lot off heads up in society

Your political repetition
Got you by the throat
You’re not a politician
You’re just a fucking joke

Do more do less
You did your worst Kicking and screaming
Do more do less
Got a mind of my own and I'm screaming out
Fuck the rest
Track Name: Wanna Live In My Shed?

‘Scuse me sir? Could I borrow your arm?

And maybe your leg I’m in a bit of a bind
What's it gonna take to help your fellow kind
Sorry hunny can't afford the groceries this month
My rent went up $300 the landlord is a cunt

And then I saw the ad the answer to my prayers
For $50 a month it said

Wanna live in my shed

No heat no power but a roof is over head
So what if I got a fucking lawnmower in my bed
My wife she left but this you oughta know
I don’t get lonely I got a fucking hoe